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Electrical underfloor heating (UFH)

Electrical underfloor heating (UFH)


The installer uses a screed cutting machine TO cut LINES into the floor. The LENGTH of the lines cut is determined by the volume of the room. Once the screed floor has been cut with sufficient lines, the installer inserts the HEATING WIRE into the lines. The installer then creates a cementitious Screed with Bonding liquid and water – which the installer trowels over the Heating wires that are in the CUT lines, leaving a smooth solid floor finish. This is the most Contractor friendly installation method.

This method is used when the floor heating wires may not be CUT IN to a screed floor (Normally due to there being pipes in the floors). The installer is provided with a roll of Fiberglass mat on to which the HEATING WIRE has been taped. The installer Un-Rolls the fiberglass mats on top of the screed floor (in a manner that covers the screed floor correctly). The installer then creates a cementitious Screed with Bonding liquid and water – which the installer trowels over the Fiberglass mat and Heating wires which binds the system to the floor – leaving a smooth finish.

This method is normally used where the flooring is to be a standard Screed or Polished/Colour coded or Earthcote type screed floor. The installer utilises 10mm high plastic spacer bars which are nailed into the concrete substrate, HEATING WIRE is then threaded onto the spacer bars and the Flooring Contractor then Pour’s his New Screed over the heating wires.

Under carpet heating pads are manufactured to set sizes and shapes. The heating pad is placed on top of the Underfelt directly underneath the carpet. These heating pads are suitable for wall to wall carpeting and “loose lay” rugs or mats.

Under laminate heating pads similar to under carpet heater pads are installed between the rubber underlay and the flooring product.

We offer Manual and Digital/Programmable thermostats to best suit our clients requirements.


For ALL types of WOOD – TIMBER and VINYL flooring a thermostat with a PROBE sensor MUST be used as the Manufacturers of the flooring product insist that the under floor heating be limited to a maximum of 27degrees.



We are suppliers and installers of MARMOX insulation boards that effectively prevent “Heat Loss” and therefore decrease electrical usage by as much as 50%.

For a Warmer home irrespective whether floor heating is installed or not, insulating your home is the sensible thing to do.

Manual Thermostat and Digital Thermostat